Aquatic plants are the foundation of every water garden. Not only do they provide beauty, they also help to balance the pond ecosystem. Aquatic plants will quickly naturalize the pond while at the same time provide shelter and shade for aquatic creatures. Proper pond plant care is essential for maintaining a good pond ecosystem and keeping the area looking beautiful. 

Aquatic Plants

Water Lilies

Water lilies (Nymphaea spp.) are the perfect finishing touches for a garden pool or pond, adding practicality as well as beauty to a water feature. Fish use them as hiding places to escape predators and as shady retreats from the hot summer sun. Plants growing in a pond help keep the water clean and aerated, so you’ll spend less time on pond maintenance.


Choosing the right variety of plants

Pond plants are categorized as submerged plants, marginal or bog plants, floating plants, and deep water emergent plants. Before selecting pond plants, research your desired varieties to determine their needs, growth habits, and ultimate size.


We care a huge variety of marginal and floating plants (i.e. arrowheads, pickerel, thialia, iris, canna, bloody dock, cattails, mare's tail, corkscrew rush, and many more.

"lettuce and hyacinth - in season only"


Bubbler Rock

Very large creek rock or sand stone that are ideal to be used as a center piece or bubbler rock in your unique water garden area.

Creek Rock

A large unique selection of creek rock that can be gotten in small amounts or large quantities to give your area that country creek feel and look..

Sand Stone

A large unique selection of sand stone that can be gotten in small amounts or large quantities to decorate your pond or water garden with your own personal touch.